A Journey Of Self Discovery

Over the last few months, I’ve been on a journey of self discovery. I’ve learnt who I need and who I don’t need. I know my value, I know my passion, I know who compliments my life and who doesn’t- but most importantly I know what I want and I can finally say I have found myself.

They say you don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get great to get started– BUT how do you get great?

How do you get the motivation each morning to jump out of bed, and put your ambitions into motion.

Actions speak louder than words, It’s easy to say but not so easy to do.

I believe everybody has the ability to do great things, you just have to learn to utilise the strengths you have. Personal power is a crucial element to success, it’s what gets you out of bed in the morning, it’s what makes you work all day and night for what you love.

Just the other day someone asked me “how do you know what you want? When you are so young.” Truth be told, I grew up far quicker than I should of and I matured quicker than most my age for many reasons, but still it can take years to truly know what you want from life. Some people study for years towards a specific career path, only to find themselves heading in a completely different direction.

I never went to university, I’ve worked from the age of 15 and held down 3 jobs at the age of 17. University just never appealed to me, I knew if I went to university I’d be going for all the wrong reasons. I didn’t know what I wanted to be or what I wanted to study. Honestly, all I liked the sound of was the student loan, and the 10% discount.

I have always been a firm believer that work experience is 100% more valuable than a qualification, obviously this doesn’t apply for all careers. I mean I’d definitely like to know my brain surgern was qualified!!

Throughout these last few months, I’ve focused on ‘Who, What and Why.’

‘Who’ am I doing it for? ‘What’ am I doing it for? ‘Why’ am I doing it?

Think about who you are making a life change for, is it for yourself? your family? or both?

What are you doing it for? wealth? freedom? or both?

Why are you doing it? for an easier life? because its your passion? or both?

After I’d answered these questions it was clear to me that being financially independent was what I wanted, all that was stopping me was my own fear of failure.

I’ve learnt that in order to strive for success, you need to beable to accept failure. You need to understand your worth and know your value. Replace any bad energy in your life with positive energy, personal development is so important- It is without a doubt the foundation to everything that you do.

I’m an independent person, as my family have always politely described me “Abigail was a free spirited child” in not so polite words “an independent little sh!t”. Rules aren’t something I cope well with, which is why working for myself always made sense. I figured my inability to do as I’m told will eventually get me fired, then I thought if I’m my own boss I can’t ever get fired. Winner!

These last few months have been so mentally and physically challenging, but I have learnt so much about myself. For a while I felt lost, I didn’t like who I’d become, and I’d lost sight of who I was.

If you ask most people in the world what they want, 9 out of 10 would probably say money. Money gives you control over life, it gives you options. Money makes a difference, It gives you freedom, comfortable living.

I personally believe lack of money is the root of all evil, people kill for money, steal for money, fight for money. Money can bring as much happiness as sadness, it’s about control and self power.


I’m writing this to hopefully motivate anyone who has an idea, but doesn’t have the self believe. JUST DO IT!

Believe in yourself, find an idea, find a service and find your passion – so you can create value and wealth for yourself. Don’t let negatively hold you back.

Get busy and change your world! 💁🏽🌎✨


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