11 Things Low-Maintenance Girls Will Understand

This post is for all the low-maintenance ladies, who’s with me?

Low -maintenance girls are better. Full stop. We’re easier to handle, more fun and I’d say somewhat rare these days.

A girly-girl is something I am definitely not. I actually suck at been a girl. My laziness gets the better of me. I love the idea of looking like a contoured Kardashian but then I remember how much more I love my bed, and it wins, every time.

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Serial Over Thinker…

Over thinking. We all do it, and honestly it’s the thing I hate about being a girl the most.


Like most girls, I’m my own worst enemy. Sometimes I wish I could just shake myself and say ‘stop, enough is enough, you are being ridiculous’ because that is what I’d tell my friends.

Back in the days when I had a Nokia, the only thing I worried about was whether I should put an “x” at the end of my texts and if so, how many?

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For The Daydreamers…

 Richard Branson: “I kept being distracted by ideas for making money that nobody else would waste time on”

Maybe there is hope for me. Humble day dreaming might not be idle after all.

Sadly, my day dreams haven’t made me billions of pounds. Instead I find myself distracted by the thought of what I’d like for dinner or how cute the guy is sat opposite me on the train.

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IMG_4592 FullSizeRender

Manchester has felt like my home long before it even was. As a kid I spend pretty much every weekend here with my grandparents, I don’t know what it was about the place but I just loved everything about it. I have being living here for 2 years now and I’ve never felt more content.

Since I moved here, I have been asked countless times “Where’s good to go for food?”, “What bars are good?”, “Where’s a good night out?” – I guess it’s personal preference but here’s a few of my favourite places to eat and drink!

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